Many AFL fans are expressing‌ their ⁤outrage and frustration after the AFL Tribunal upheld West Coast⁢ Eagle Tom Barrass’ one-week ban for striking. The decision came after Barrass was charged with ⁤striking​ in the Eagles’​ recent clash ‍against⁣ the Western Bulldogs, ​which left many fans ⁣questioning‍ the⁣ consistency of the AFL’s disciplinary‌ process.

The news of ‍Barrass’ ban has ⁤sparked heated debates among fans, with some arguing that the punishment is too harsh for the offense committed. ⁤Others are calling for‌ a review of the AFL⁢ Tribunal’s decision-making⁣ process to ensure‍ fair and consistent outcomes ​for ⁣all players. Despite‍ the backlash, ⁣the AFL ‌has stood by their decision,​ sparking even more controversy in ‌the ⁣football community.